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Wizart Animation at TIFF'14

Wizart Animation will present its projects during Toronto International Film Festival that will take place in Toronto on September 04-14th 2014.

To find us: Russian Cinema Stand at TIFF INDUSTRY OFFICE HYATT REGENCY (Stand №11&12)

To schedule a meeting please write us to:

Contact Diana Yurinova

Wizart Animation - Phim HD - Xem Phim HD - Xem Tivi Online Chất Lượng Tốt Nhất VN

Vietnamese release of Wizart’s “The Snow Queen.”

Wizart Animation

Read about Russian animation industry in June issue of Animation Magazine (with comments from WIzart’s Producer and Head of Distribution)

“… Other films have found markets abroad more successful, such as Wizart, whose fairy tale features like The Snow Queen and its se- quel have done big business overseas. “One- hundred percent of our content is made for the international market, but it works in the Rus- sian market as well,” says Diana Yurinova, head of international distribution”.

“… While the industry is growing thanks to government funding, those quality issues re- main a concern especially as the Russian fare increasingly has to compete with mov- ies made by more experienced filmmakers abroad. Some studios, like Wizart, train their own animators and, when needed, hire free- lancers from abroad, says Wizart producer Yuri Moskvin”.

Soundtrack to the Snow Queen 2 movie is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play

Soundtrack to the Snow Queen 2 movie by Butterfly Stone and Emmy-nominated composer Mark Willott is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Play and all good online retailers!

Google Play:



Время измеряется в кадрах (Time is measured in frames)

The correspondent of “Russian world” learned how to Voronezh animators create cartoons which will conquer the world.

Wizart Animation will present its projects during The MIFA which will take place in Annecy on June 09-14 2014.

Also we would like to invite you to Russian projects presentation organized by RAFA. It will take place on June 12th at 17.00 at the Networking lounge.

Our address: 4-C19, Russian Animated Film Association Stand

To schedule a meeting please write us to: - Diana Yurinova, Head of International Distribution

Wizart Annecy Line UP =>

Annecy > Édition 2014 > Mifa > Présentation
Marché (MIFA) international du film d’animation d’Annecy

New The Snow Queen 2 music soundtrack by Mark Willott

Butterfly Stone - Find Yourself

This teaser is the first soundtrack music video from Emmy award winning composer and producer Mark Willot performed by British band Butterfly Stone.

The message of the song implies the double nature of human beings. On the one hand, the dark side which reveals the deceitful and selfish nature. On the other hand, the side that incorporates integrity and honesty.

This idea is transmitted through the use of two voices in the song. Nevertheless, the overall message is positive.

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