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Focus on Asia: Russian cinema successfully masters Asian territories

Wizart Animation company first participated in the Hong Kong forum. "This market was quite successful for us, - says Dr. Ian Yurinova, director of international distribution Wizart Animation. We have negotiated all of our three full-length projects: “The Snow Queen”, “The Snow Queen 2” and “Wolves and Sheep”. Interest in the projects of the studio showed us virtually all Asian countries, with the largest number of proposals received from China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. Hong Kong - the most active business platform compared to other Asian markets. “

Russian distributors returned from Hong Kong film market with the prospect of successful transactions

кадр из анимационного фильма

Company Wizart Animation, according to its representatives, held talks on the film market in all of its three animated projects (“ The Snow Queen ”,” The Snow Queen 2 ”,” Wolves and Sheep ”) and received offers on them from China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. 

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Cinema Foundation will present the stand of the Russian cinema RUSSIAN CINEMA on the main Asian Film Market in Hong Kong FILMART

Russian films earn record box office

Snow Queen Eyes Foreign Markets 
The Russian animated film The Snow Queen will be the first film produced in Russia to be released in wide distribution abroad, according to representatives of the Russian Cinema Fund.

"The Russian cinema has good commercial potential, it can be successfully sold abroad,” assured the organizers of the joint stand of Russian Cinema at the European Film Market at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. 

“The results of the stand inspire,” said Anton Malyshev, executive director of the Russian Cinema Fund. “The first big success was the recent achievement of the animation studio Wizart Animation. The company has signed contracts for the release of the sequel to The Snow Queen in 2015 in the U.K. and South Korea. Such successes of our movies, as far as I remember, have never happened before!”

He continued, “The interest of the foreign public in Russian movies is big, including animation, genre movies and action movies. These are the traditionally exported types of movies. Our animation is interesting for the Middle East, United Kingdom, Korea. The action genre is interesting for Asian companies. And, of course, Eastern Europe is interested in our films, even ones as difficult asVysotskyThank You for Living.”

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